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Myelins licenses cutting-edge software technology to help you design your dexterous  and human-like assistive devices.

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Nobody wants to design an assistive device that will simply be placed on a shelf in a user's office to collect dust.
While neural prostheses, exoskeletons and wheelchairs can help give users back some of their mobility, they can be far from perfect. They are described as "tools" with lack of dexterity, sense of touch and intelligent control. Driven by this motivation to push the boundaries of robotic systems for assistance and rehabilitation, Myelins provides novel and unique software services to empower the next generation of assistive devices. Our technology will not only help disabled persons and amputees to regain a normal life but extend healthy people's capabilities well beyond their needs.


Our product "MyBrain" is a revolutionary software for brain-computer interfaces (BCI) developed by Myelins startup. The software allows a wide range of robotic companies to have functional online BCIs systems by leveraging advanced techniques for processing and decoding biosignals, such as EEG, EOG and EMG signals. The product is completely customizable to meet the needs of every potential company. The current version of the software provides pre-defined set of state-of-the-art algorithms for recording and collecting biosignals (use customized VR experimental paradigms), processing and includes a rich selection of signal processing and decoding biosignals data (brain data, muscle data, eye movements, etc.). Furthermore, the software focuses on the use of virtual reality to increase the sense of embodiment and ownership of the robotic devices. Last, our software solutions put a strong focus on closing the loop between the user and the robotic device. This is achieved through providing an interface to plug-in any sensory data collected by the robot during its interaction with the physical environment, process it in real-time and translate it into a sensory feedback signal, and hence restore the sense of touch.


Our mission is to merge biological and artificial intelligence in order to restore complete functionality of assistive devices in the form of neural prostheses and exoskeletons.
By proposing such software solutions, we envision to accelerate the development of the new era of robotic systems for assistance and rehabilitation, and hence pave the way for the development of the human 2.0 body.

Empower the next generation of “human-like” assistive devices...

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We are a small dreamers team with a  mission to revolutionize the world of assistive robotic devices and to enable the human 2.0 era. We are  data hungry folks and out of the box thinkers.


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