Working on assistive devices ? Struggling to keep users manipulate the intelligent device with thoughts ?

Myelins gives you novel approaches to build a dexterous human-like assistive devices.

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While prosthetics, exoskeletons and wheelchairs can help give users back some of their mobility, they can be far from perfect. With assistive devices can be intimidating, and many wearers have to carefully plan their days to avoid such tricky activities. Moreover, existing assistive devices are just a tool with lack of sensory feedback, lack of dexterity and also poor control.
Driven by all this motivation, we would like push the boundaries of assistive devices and help disabled people, amputees and industrial employees


We propose a novel approach to enhance the dexterity, to restore sensation of assistive devices. We rely on our scalable and out of the box licence software solutions, which allows neuroprosthetics, exoskeletons and wheelchairs industrials, to increase the dexterity of their devices and to integrate our solution in different hardware cases. By using non-invasive stimulation of residual muscles and nerves, we restore sensation. Moreover, tricking the brain by combining virtual reality and artificial stimulations  to embody these assistives.


Our mission is to design solutions so that it can be fitted to a wide range of hardware solutions like upper and lower limb prosthetics, exoskeletons and smart wheelchairs.Once fitted, the device is going to be brilliant and  mimic to the natural limb so that the wearer will use the device naturally and adapts with it accordingly. This is will bring for users the ability to take part in activities that would never have been  able to do it in the past

Moving from tools to “human-like” assistive devices...​

Team of data hungry

We are a small dreamers team with a big mission: to improve the dexterity of assistive devices and use cutting-edge technologies  to bridge the gap between industrials and artificial intelligence, virtual reality . As you might  have guessed, we are a team of hard workers and thinking  outside of the box. Innovative thinking is breathing part of our internal  culture. As a well established research, we came by the acquired skills  and our know how in our AI software toolbox and our first proof. 


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Samaher garbaya

 Co-Founder & Business developer 



Co-Founder & Product devolper

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